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Thrift Score

Went thrift shopping yesterday and found this little gem of a book.
Bad Hair by James Innes-Smith and Henrietta Webb. Filled with
“follicular atrocities”, this is one for the permanent collection.





Also got a chance to cut a pendant from the shape in the photo below.
It will be listed in my shop soon.


new pendant shape

in progress… inspired by the shape of a cement block.


In Progress…

Post back earrings, pre post backs.


Star Baby


“There’s only one star in a Helen Larsen production, that’s Helen Larsen,
and that’s me, baby.” Does anyone recognize this quote? It was in 2 movies.

This necklace that I made recently reminded me of it.

With old-school attitude and glamour on my mind, I was also inspired to dig up this telegram. It was sent to Coe Glade, who was an opera singer in Chicago in the 1940’s. I scored it while working in a vintage store there.

pure sterling

made something out of sterling, leaving the happy trees out of it.
these got listed in my shop tonight.