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Shape Inspiration

Working on ideas for more pendants. Collecting shapes such as
these cement blocks. Also thinking about making the bail as part
of the shape, instead of drilling a hole and using a jump ring.


HiiSi – necklace

Got my necklace today from elliina, a great etsy shop out of Finland.


Spring Shirt

Trying out a new shirt pattern. I had just barely enough fabric
to make a sleeveless version of view C.


Here is the fabric. I love it so much, I made a palette from the colors.


Thrift Score



Spring Jackets

Trying out a new jacket pattern. Isn’t the mp3 pocket cool?


I think I’ll go for view B first. Here are the fabrics. I’m making a women’s version in the dark burgundy, a men’s version in the gray, and if those go well, I might also need a hoodie out of the silver rip-stop nylon.


Making Mochi

wagashi (japanese candy)

get your wagashi wallpaper here.