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Color + Pattern

Find or create colors, palettes and patterns at This pattern is called “Mistletoe”, by Laru66. I colored it in using a palette that I made. This site is great for us creatives, just to help get things rolling.


Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream Recipe

2 Fully Ripe Bananas (no green, stems turning brown)
1/2 cup Almond Milk

• slice and freeze Bananas in a single layer.
• blend Almond Milk in blender, adding Banana slices one or two at a time through the hole in the top of the blender, covering with a towel so as not to get splashed. Blend until texture is smooth.
• Enjoy

The mixture can be thrown back into the freezer to firm up if you can stand waiting, but if it’s left too long it will turn into Banana Ice, which is…
pretty good but not as good.

Pillow Boxes

My attempt at making pillow boxes. This was drawn freehand on a beer box,
no template. It seemed a little bulky and the shape wasn’t quite working.

I found a template and poster board. It folded well and looked better,
but was flimsy.

Decided to try the beer box again with the template. I think either beer/cereal boxes or poster board work well, but they both crush easily and so won’t
work for shipping for the shop. They would make great impromptu gift boxes.

This tool is crucial. It’s called a bone fold and you use it to score the fold lines.
If you don’t have one just use something that has a rounded point.

This is the template shape. Just draw, print, or trace onto your paper, score the folds. Fold and secure the flap on the long edge with double-sided tape or glue. Fold in the side flaps.

Happy in Bed

According to my book “Decorating is Fun” by Dorothy Draper, published in 1939, there are many things you need to be really happy in bed:
1. A good reading lamp – perhaps a gooseneck with a high-powered bulb,
perhaps one of those little spotlights that fall right on your book.
2. An adequate end table (one at each side of the bed if possible).
3. A small radio on the table.
4. A bedside clock, perhaps with a luminous dial.
5. A thermos for ice water or hot cocoa.
6. A jar of cookies or fruit for night nibblers.
7. An outlet for an electric pad when you need one.
8. A bedside telephone and a complete list of telephone numbers.
9. A small book, or magazine rack, for night reading.
10. An ashtray and cigarette box.
11. Just the pillows you find most comfortable.
(Perhaps one hard and one soft and one baby pillow.)
12. A good supply of blankets of all weights.
13. A comfortable, pretty breakfast tray and china, for breakfast in bed or for use when you’re ill.

Doesn’t this sound luxurious?

Thrift Score

Went thrift shopping yesterday and found this little gem of a book.
Bad Hair by James Innes-Smith and Henrietta Webb. Filled with
“follicular atrocities”, this is one for the permanent collection.





Also got a chance to cut a pendant from the shape in the photo below.
It will be listed in my shop soon.

Shape Inspiration

Working on ideas for more pendants. Collecting shapes such as
these cement blocks. Also thinking about making the bail as part
of the shape, instead of drilling a hole and using a jump ring.


HiiSi – necklace

Got my necklace today from elliina, a great etsy shop out of Finland.