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Pillow Boxes

My attempt at making pillow boxes. This was drawn freehand on a beer box,
no template. It seemed a little bulky and the shape wasn’t quite working.

I found a template and poster board. It folded well and looked better,
but was flimsy.

Decided to try the beer box again with the template. I think either beer/cereal boxes or poster board work well, but they both crush easily and so won’t
work for shipping for the shop. They would make great impromptu gift boxes.

This tool is crucial. It’s called a bone fold and you use it to score the fold lines.
If you don’t have one just use something that has a rounded point.

This is the template shape. Just draw, print, or trace onto your paper, score the folds. Fold and secure the flap on the long edge with double-sided tape or glue. Fold in the side flaps.


stone and gem collection

hopefully these will be turned into jewelry at some point,
when I learn more about stone-setting.

sticker page

here is an idea for a Thankyou, Enjoy sticker sheet that I could include with orders. Eventually I would like to get click pens with my logo on them, but this idea could be a good start. It just seems like if the emphasis here is handmade and personal, there should be something extra included with each package mailed out.


behind the scenes

worked on a cuff today using this vintage ribbon.
it’s going to have turquoise thai silk lining and felt ball buttons.


here is a pic of my workspace. it’s a corner at the end of a hallway
near a freight elevator. blue tape on the floor marks my invisible walls,
just like Less Nessman on WKRP in cincinnati.


pure sterling

made something out of sterling, leaving the happy trees out of it.
these got listed in my shop tonight. 


Thank you, Enjoy – by Artur Silva

a brazilian artist named artur silva made this sculpture
of a giant takout container and titled it “Thank you, Enjoy”.
i’m not the only one who was inspired by this packaging.




“fresh and new” treasury

my felt fortune cookie was included in a treasury titled “freshandnew2” which made it to the front page on etsy. it was a nice surprise, because i didn’t expect much to be going on this weekend. also another sale today. my confidence is building and i’m gaining a lot of motivation to experiment with new ideas and put more work out there. the treasury was curated by femputer.