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Pillow Boxes

My attempt at making pillow boxes. This was drawn freehand on a beer box,
no template. It seemed a little bulky and the shape wasn’t quite working.

I found a template and poster board. It folded well and looked better,
but was flimsy.

Decided to try the beer box again with the template. I think either beer/cereal boxes or poster board work well, but they both crush easily and so won’t
work for shipping for the shop. They would make great impromptu gift boxes.

This tool is crucial. It’s called a bone fold and you use it to score the fold lines.
If you don’t have one just use something that has a rounded point.

This is the template shape. Just draw, print, or trace onto your paper, score the folds. Fold and secure the flap on the long edge with double-sided tape or glue. Fold in the side flaps.


Anni Albers Washer Necklace

A mid-century artist mostly known for her textiles, Anni also designed jewelry using common household items such as washers and bobby pins. I decided to make one of her famous washer necklaces for myself, and luckily had no problem finding tutorials online. The Small Object has step-by-step photos, and I really liked the suggestion by Carly at to use varying sizes of washers.

The materials cost almost nothing. I used polyester grosgrain ribbon because it was cheap and I loved the color, but if you can find rayon it’s much nicer. The finished product has weight to it but is very comfortable. I hope to get a lot of wear out of it this fall/winter.

more White Satin


Evening gown, ca. 1965
Madame Grès (French, 1903–1993)

stone and gem collection

hopefully these will be turned into jewelry at some point,
when I learn more about stone-setting.

Fruit Loops

here are some new beaded earrings that i’ve made this week.
the colors remind me of fruit loops.




top 5 tools

I saw this idea on cicada studio’s blog and thought I’d try it.
Here is a pic of my top 5 tools of the trade.


clockwise from top right:
1. sanding stick
2. rawhide mallot
3. steel block
4. nylon jaw pliers
5. round nose pliers
oops – 6. wire cutters

marbles into pendants

right now i’m working on a design for these vintage marbles. they are going to be sterling silver wire wrapped pendants. i’m thinking of a really long tear drop shape on a super long chain. something sienna miller might wear if she wore colors. look out for those in the next couple of weeks. for now, the shop is pretty well stocked, close to spilling over into a second page, which is my next goal.
check it out here.