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Pillow Boxes

My attempt at making pillow boxes. This was drawn freehand on a beer box,
no template. It seemed a little bulky and the shape wasn’t quite working.

I found a template and poster board. It folded well and looked better,
but was flimsy.

Decided to try the beer box again with the template. I think either beer/cereal boxes or poster board work well, but they both crush easily and so won’t
work for shipping for the shop. They would make great impromptu gift boxes.

This tool is crucial. It’s called a bone fold and you use it to score the fold lines.
If you don’t have one just use something that has a rounded point.

This is the template shape. Just draw, print, or trace onto your paper, score the folds. Fold and secure the flap on the long edge with double-sided tape or glue. Fold in the side flaps.



snagged one today.

Etsy Finds

“Tokyo Rave Earrings” by GimmeCupcakeCouture



“Pillow Ring” by recycledrings



friendoAn intimidating word you use when you want to shake down or scare someone who actually isn’t really a friend. Similarly, using the word bucko, buddy, or pal while addressing someone can imply a slight threat to them, given the context. Clint Eastwood was a master in this camp.” – urbandictionary

The only time I’ve heard this word was in high school study hall. The moniter was an old-timey guy who used it when he was really getting ticked, which was often. We got a laugh out of that.

Found this today in 247Magnum’s shop:

Fruit Loops

here are some new beaded earrings that i’ve made this week.
the colors remind me of fruit loops.




featured etsy seller

decided to write today about a shop that i discovered recently on etsy. it’s called FieldsOfAphelion, and features some really amazing photography. dreamy, pastel colored landscapes of gritty pittsburgh are created by using multiple exposures
in-camera. this shot is titled “hazy”.



finally snagged one.