shop update

posted some new things in my etsy shop. shooting the pictures was a week-long battle between film and digital. decided to revert to my film camera thinking maybe i’d get better photos with the added control. proceeded to make the fatal mistake of having them developed at a drugstore. i’m not exactly sure what the little photo elves did, but it looks like they microwaved my film. 4 rolls of it. i thought the first one was heat-damaged. shot again. same results. thought somehow maybe i had mixed the second one up with the first. shot 2 fresh rolls. beautiful fuji film, tweaked exposures. microwaved. film looks thin, images on cd(no prints) look pinkish and flat horribly flat. tons of dust. to add insult to injury, they also somehow got the images that they put on the CD upside-down and backwards.


somewhere in this drama i shot some digital with a borrowed camera and then proceeded to forget about it thinking the results would be inferior, until at the end of the week, i still had nothing. nice shots. good lighting, good colors. no dust. now i want a digital SLR.

digital won this. see the final results at my etsy shop.


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